Do you know how your guests feels in your hotel?

Most hotels are working hard to improve the quality of service that they provide to their guests, are you doing it? Here we’ll give you some tips to get the best customers impression on the complaints management.
First of all ask yourself: Am I paying attention to my customer’s complaints? You’ve to know that you can always improve what you are doing well and correct what needs to be done.
That's why we are making a list of those things to keep in mind to give a good experience to your guests.
  • Listen carefully, let your customers vent their complaints. Once the pressure goes down, it's your turn to talk a little bit 
  • Empathize with them. Show understanding and establish a personal connection with statements such as "If I were in that situation, I would not be satisfied either”. This shows that you really care  
  • Apologize. In that way, faults are not necessarily admitted, but good intentions are shown to the customer. Your customers will appreciate it 
  • Solve effectively. It would be ideal to give the guest what he wants. However, sometimes it is not possible to do so. Make a deal with your client offering a variety of solutions  
  • It is not enough! Especially when the guest is visibly upset, follow up after bring the solution to make sure he or she is satisfied. This shows extra effort, professionalism and conveys good intentions
Well, now ask yourself: How do you receive complaints? Actually, there are many forms. Which one is the most appropriate? You Hotel telephone system are the first channel of attention and solution of this type of cases.
Providing quick dial-in access to reception and janitor services can be the difference between quickly resolving a customer complaint or further aggravating the situation by forcing the customer to find other ways to express their frustrations. Such as coming down to the reception and showing your dissatisfaction in front of another guest, online reviews or publications on social networks.
Therefore, your hotel phones are a must-attend feature, as they provide your guest with a clean and easy way to resolve any problems and give you the control to detect complaints before they become viral.
We know that it may be difficult for you to decide when the time is right to update your room phone, but pay attention to these clear signs that the time is right to do so: fading, tangled wires, malfunctioning LED lamps, worn buttons, front plate corrections or modifications and stains among others. To get help and improve your communications, visit us at
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